SIRENA SCULPTURAL JEWELRY understated elegance meets eclecticism. Effortless and timeless hand-crafted sculptural form and fiber utilizing core materials of bronze, porcelain, and fair trade reclaimed silk sari. A one-of-a-kind collection truly like no other.

Fleur De Mer Collection an ongoing series of coastal flowers and mollusk - the flowers of the sea. Each volume will explore a different region and its indigenous blossoms and sea life that wash ashore. In the first edition you can find hand-sculpted pieces inspired by the Atlantic Maritime.

Sirena Silk Collection hand-woven reclaimed and fair trade Indian silk sari. The sari silk is delicately handwoven in a technique  inspired by the traditional Hawaiian art of the ti leaf lei. This sacred practice and detail is the origin of sirena + the sea and can be found throughout the collection.

Bronze and Porcelain Torc Collection inspired by Celtic adornment these pieces symbolize and merge together the strength and power of the divine masculine and feminine.