The marriage of all of my loves. Flowers, friends, porcelain, beauty, sex, and magic. Small batch, wildcrafted, and one-of-a-kind botanically inspired artisan goods in co-creation with earth and the divine.

The way in which we are called to make botanical art and herbal offerings is to connect with the energetics of the plant spirit. With this potent process we are able to know when it is appropriate to wildcraft and harvest without exploitation. Here we tend to our courtship and relationship with each plant ally.  We are guided by their consciousness and communication through intimately listening and involving all our sensory and extra-sensory perceptions. We slow down and commune with our herbaceous and botanical ancestors to receive the message they have to share for healing the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. As we pause to feel, to see, and to simply be with each plant we begin to hear their wise whispers and the blends begin to take tangible shape. From here we give reverent gratitude, we give offerings; pieces of our hair, bread, milk, honey and the light of our healing hands. We vow to return the people to the plants and the plants to the people in regenerative reciprocity and co-creation. As they heals us, we remember them, and they heal too. Earth and humanity are for each other in sacred contract.

All herbal offerings are reverently wildcrafted and foraged or respectfully harvested from small regenerative and/or organic farms and herbalist's home gardens. 

Laurie has had a long standing intimate relationship with the plant kingdom and communicates and communes with her plant family and friends daily. She officially began studying herbalism with Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in the Spring of 2020. Sirena Apothecary unofficially began in 2015 when she made her first all natural scent with a small batch artisan perfumer. Crafting herbal skincare products was something she always felt was inside her but couldn't imagine bringing it to life until one fine day in early April the Violets spoke to her and told her to remember and to return.