Sirena Tarot readings are soul mirroring insights, messages, and divine perspective brought forth by your higher-self, soul, angels, and guides communicated through the archetypes of the tarot — a map of the human condition and experience we all move through. The Tarot channels the ancient infinite wisdom of the cosmos/universe and makes it earthly through the cards and their individual meanings and expression. Each reading brings awareness and clarity as the tarot offers you tools to assist you in consciously navigating your present moment — finding peace and purpose in the organic unfolding of your life path/ human journey. This medicine gifts you the space to soften and surrender — dissolving ego-based perspectives. Which in turn gives the higher mind and higher heart access to the drivers seat, where you can then operate solely from the direction of your soul. Who always knows best. There are zero fear based projections as each card holds a medicinal quality whether bitter or sweet. Each reading is intuitively led by me as a sacred vessel and channel for your highest good and only your highest good — while the structure of the reading is set within the prepared perimeters, we will dive deeper if the cards call for it.


I was trained under the teachings of Soul Tarot by Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Healing and Soul Tarot School. I continue to strengthen my skills through her profound courses as well developing my own very deep and personal relationship with the Tarot through continued practice, self-study, intuitive research, and writing.