Rose + Juniper Balm


  • Rose + Juniper Balm
  • Rose + Juniper Balm
  • Rose + Juniper Balm
  • Rose + Juniper Balm
  • Rose + Juniper Balm

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A buttery babe blended and blessed in ceremony from harvest to pour. A slow brewed whole plant matter herbal-infused medicinal batch of wildcrafted botanicals and sacred plant and animal fats from small family-owned and regenerative farms.

Process: I have formed a relationship of reverence and reciprocity with the Heirloom Rose and Juniper I harvest from here in Saint Augustine, Florida the indigenous lands of the Timucuan. I bring my dear friends offerings off eggs, essences, flowers, milk, and honey. I ask permission to gather and wait for a sacred yes or no. In addition to material offerings from Mama Earth, I also offer my prayers and healing hands of Magdalene Light. These beings are dear to me not only do they provide me with beautiful bounty, they are my companions and confidants. I vow to them to return the people to the plants, and the plants to the people by way of my magical potions I make with earth and divine in co-creation.

Intention: Rose + Juniper was crafted and imbued with the divine essence of the sacred masculine and feminine in balanced union. Rose open, soft, calming, soothing, expressive, and feeling. Juniper penetrating, secure, stable, mystical, wise, rooted, conscious, deep, and leading. Merge and marry yourself in ceremony.

Rose is a cooling and calming nervine. Opening the heart and soothing the nervous system for relaxation and sleep while hydrating the skin. It is also a tonic for anti-depression. Juniper is purifying and clarifying to the skin as well as grounding to the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric body.  Pine + Spruce Resin nature’s most repairing natural medicine. It does to your skin what it does for its own, the ultimate skin healer and regenerate for all things.

The Rose is infused in organic Jojoba from Pure Jojoba. Juniper is brewed in organic olive oil from Ojai Olive Oil Company. Both were brewed and double infused from Taurus to Virgo increasing the potency of the plants medicinal properties and their intoxicating scent. A double infusion is when one herb is infused in selected oil for one moon cycle before straining and pouring over newly harvested plant matter. This extraction not only increases the potency but it also further brings into to balance the two sides of being.

The rose has also been used to create an enfleurage pomade. A traditional French Parfumerie method of extracting scent from delicate florals like rose, gardenia, jasmine, neroli, and magnolia in sacred animal fat such as tallow from grassfed cows.

The usage of tallow internally and externally is an ancient, ancestral, and traditional way of honoring and utilizing all of the animal while naturally increasing the health of our largest organ -- the skin. I have selected tallow rendered from the healthiest pasture -raised and grassfed cows in the Amish Country from Miller's Biodiversity Farm. Tallow is bio-identical our skin. Tallow is sebum in Latin, sebum being the natural oil secretion created by our skin that is necessary to maintain and support our skin's microbiome barrier. Tallow is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and high in anti-cancer properties. It is loaded with fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,+K that assist in anti-aging, cellular regeneration, healing of eczema, skin rashes, and so on. Perfect for all over-beauty from face to feet rejuvenating your radiance as you easily absorb nature's indigenous intended medicine for the skin and reap the benefits of youth you can't find in a bottle. This balm is lovely for baby's bottom, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. This balm is free from the use of essential oils as they have the tendency to strip the skin causing sensitivites for many. The making of essential oils also requires massive amounts of plant material and matter and can be exploiting of the plant, its ecology, and its ecosystem. I do believe essential oils have their time and place when used safely and sustainably. 

The sacred plants in this balm lend themselves to the regeneration of your skin and peace within it. The foraged friends deeply nourish dry skin from weather and wounds both internal and external. Beeswax and Rose open the heart, calm, and protect, while the evergreens of Pine, Juniper, and Spruce aid in calming, pain relief, and lessening inflammation. Juniper lends its self to purifying and clarifying for facial use. The infused tree resins are a powerful moisturizing medicine that seals and soothes. This balm is well suited as an ally for; menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, joint aches and pain, arthritis, tired/cracked/dry feet, and all-over skin/hair renewal to stay youthful and vibrant. My favorite way to use it is as a highlighter for eye and temple, it gives a dewy glow for a natural look while working on wrinkle prevention and cell regeneration. A wonderful go to for after sun-care, ezcema, and babies bottoms. It's a truly decadent treat from texture to scent. Infused with everything Venusian, use for everything under the sun.

Truly smells comforting and deliciously edible.

Each oil is blessed with reiki, prayer, and Venusian intention before being shipped to you. Arrived corked and sealed with beeswax.

Ingredients: Heirloom Rose*, Juniper*, Pine Resin*, Spruce Resin*, Jojoba*, Olive oil*, pasture-raised grassfed Tallow*, Beeswax*

*Wildcrafted, organic, small-farm, homegrown.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and test on skin before full use.



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