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  • Sirena Tarot Reading
  • Sirena Tarot Reading

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In a Sirena Tarot reading we will begin by utilizing an 11 card modern Celtic Cross reading that gives detailed insight into the layers and themes of your current life path -- followed by an additional 3-5 cards where we work together to formulate intimate and personal questions that pertain to your present moment circumstances weaving in seasonal and astrological shifts/energies. The questions we create to consult the Tarot council will allow your soul and guides to come forth through the medicine and archetypes of the Tarot to offer your human; soul-centered guidance, perspective, and tangible tools to assist you in navigating the unknown with grounded grace and ease. The session will begin with a sacred sharing and conversation, crafting of questions, intuitive drop-in prayer, followed by the selection of cards. The depth of the session will be lead by you, your higher mind, and higher heart. Show up with all the vulnerability you can muster and you will be rewarded by spirit. The session will last no longer then 1 hour. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions and details.

Once session is purchased I will follow-up via email or text for scheduling. I offer in person readings in your home and sessions via phone or FaceTime. You are also welcome to reach out to me prior to purchase to confirm date and pay via cash or Venmo.

I love the classics and I love basic tradition, so I read from the Centennial Smith-Raider-Waite deck.



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