Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy


  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy
  • Sacred Sensuality + Herbal Alchemy

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Float on a Flower is a virtual ceremonial ritual with Butterfly Blue Pea led by Laurie + Georgia. Please sign-up at eventbrite link below and read through for more details. Upon purchase you will receive an email on November 11th in preparation for our bathtub ritual in the comfort of your own home. Your ceremonial tools will be shipped to you in time for our  ritual.

A journey through the elements and wheel of the year with tropical botanicals as a four part series.

Ritual One | Water Element | Samhain

Butterfly Blue Pea Clitoria ternatea

Ceremonial Tools:

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Essence

Deep Sea Bath Salts with Butterfly Blue Pea

Butterfly Blue Pea Jojoba Anointing Oil

Tapered candle with dried Butterfly Blue Pea

We begin our alchemical journey through water with Butterfly Blue Pea. Our first ritual titled 'Float on a Flower' will have our bodies and spirits steeped in the essence of Clitoria ternatea.

We will gather together in a sacred spiritual bath imbued with the plant spirit of Butterfly Blue Pea for tea meditation, oil anointing, salt bath, and herbal baptism. During this journey we will dive deeper into the plant medicine profile of Butterfly Blue Pea.

Georgia and Laurie will lead you through a complete ceremony of divine feminine fluidity and flow. Water is a conduit for spirits and prayer. We come together as sisters in a sensual sacred bath ritual to intensify and amplify our intentions for the seasons ahead and to fully occupy our bodies through intimacy with self, the womb, the waters, one another, and the consciousness shifting plant spirit of Butterfly Blue Pea.

Georgia and Laurie have crafted and created medicinal ritual tools to accompany us on our journey through the water element. You will receive loose Butterfly Blue Pea for an herbal bath infusion and tea ceremony. A Butterfly Blue Pea herbal infused anointing oil for self massage and connection. Butterfly Blue Pea bath salts for cleansing and alchemizing, Flower Essence, and a Tapered Candle.

This is an ode to our teachers, elders, and guides. Georgia gives gratitude to Sage's Gaia School of Healing, Sajah’s School of the Evolutionary Alchemy, and Homprang of Baan Hom Samunphrai for guiding her in the world of herbal medicine, ceremony, and ancestral healing. Laurie time honored teachings of Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine and Marysia's School of the Sacred Wild for studies in folk herbalism, ancestral remembrance, and wise women healing. Georgia and Laurie are intuitively rewilding and re-initiating themselves in the ancient feminine arts that are a birth right to us all. Sharing rituals of their own learned lineage woven into their daily intuitive practices. This is the remembrance of the sacred wild and ancient feminine arts.

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