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The nectar of life and love blended and blessed in ceremony from harvest to pour, to be used in ceremony and daily ritual. A slow brewed whole plant matter herbal-infused medicinal batch of wildcrafted botanicals and local raw honey from Bee Hill Farm.

Process: I have formed a relationship of reverence and reciprocity with the Heirloom Rose and Orange Trees I harvest from here in Saint Augustine, Florida the indigenous lands of the Timucuan. I bring my dear friends offerings off eggs, essences, flowers, milk, and honey. I ask permission to gather and wait for a sacred yes or no. In addition to material offerings from Mama Earth, I also offer my prayers and healing hands of Magdalene Light. These beings are dear to me, not only do they provide me with beautiful bounty, they are my companions and confidants. I vow to them to return the people to the plants, and the plants to the people by way of my magical potions I make with earth and divine in co-creation. I also apply astro-herbalism and seek to harvest during the planetary day and hour of each plants ruling planet to further encapsulate and capture its energy and essence.

Properties: Raw local honey holds potent immune boosting properties that contribute to total wellness assisting your body in its ability to autonomously heal. Honey is a nutrient dense elixir of life in and of itself that should be consumed daily, when paired with herbal allies such as Rose and Orange it becomes a multi-faceted preventative potion packed with vitamins and minerals that can be used both internally and topically to reap the benefits of its natural and holistic medicine.

Honey is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and high in antioxidants. Honey is also deeply healing and hydrating to the skin for aftersun and wound care.  Rose is a cooling and calming nervine. Opening the heart and soothing the nervous system for relaxation and sleep while hydrating the skin. It is also a tonic for anti-depression. Orange Peel contains high amounts of vitamin C, folate, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and calcium. It it is rich in plant compounds called polyphenols

My favorite way to use the Rose Honey is as a face mask post-beach. Rose is cooling and anti-inflammatory, when paired with honey's regenerative properties it creates instant soothing to skin that has been exposed to the elements of fire and air. It is my go to remedy for sunburn and a secret in my beauty routine.  It is the only face mask I use.

The Citrus Honey is perfect for creating simple and delicious cocktails and mocktails. Pair with some Mezcal and fresh citrus. Add to your favorite teas, mix with Apple Cider Vinegar for an oxymel, dressing, or marinade. As always you can simply eat alone with a spoon!

Each honey is blessed with reiki, prayer, and Venusian intention before being shipped to you. Arrives sealed in beeswax.

Ingredients: 2oz Heirloom Rose*, Florida Orange*, Star Jasmine*, Raw Local Honey*

* Wildcrafted, organic, small-farm, homegrown.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and test on skin before full use.


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