Magdalene Florida Water


  • Magdalene Florida Water
  • Magdalene Florida Water
  • Magdalene Florida Water
  • Magdalene Florida Water

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The original Eau de Cologne. A blessing water and medicinal perfume spirit for the body and anointing. It has been blended and blessed in ceremony from harvest to pour, to be used in ceremony and daily ritual. A slow brewed whole plant matter herbal-infused medicinal batch of wildcrafted and organic homegrown botanicals in organic 100 proof sugar cane alcohol with Juniper Hydrosol.

Process: I have formed a relationship of reverence and reciprocity with the plants I harvest here in Saint Augustine, Florida the indigenous lands of the Timucuan. I bring my dear friends offerings off eggs, essences, flowers, milk, and honey. I ask permission to gather and wait for a sacred yes or no. In addition to material offerings from Mama Earth, I also offer my prayers and healing hands of Magdalene Light. These beings are dear to me, not only do they provide beautiful bounty, they are my companions and confidants. I vow to them to return the people to the plants, and the plants to the people by way of my magical potions I make with earth and divine in co-creation. I also apply astro-herbalism and seek to harvest during the planetary da and hour of each plants ruling planet to further encapsulate and capture its energy and essence.

Intention: Florida Water has a long history throughout the world and many cultures. Medicinal spirits have been used throughout many indigenous cultures and earth-based religions. In the 19th Century it became a household staple and was used by men and women on the body, clothing, and during bathing.

Florida Water is a traditional blessing water used in ceremony and ritual in a similar fashion to the way we use sacred smoke to cleanse, purify, protect our vessels, bodies, space, energy, tools, and home.

When harvesting the Neroli Blossom, I was sitting with what to use the blooms for and the ancestors of the land spoke it to be Florida Water, and so I listened and made it such. This blessing water was brewed in the garden through the Spring Equinox under the stars and sun from Pisces New Moon to Aries New Moon. It is a sacred and divine potion and perfume in a traditional extraction of alcohol. A unisex scent alive with the notes of floral and spice with Cardamom, Orange peel, Rosemary, Rose, Neroli Blossom,Juniper Hydrosol, and Rose Absolute.

Each blessing water is blessed with reiki, prayer, and Venusian intention before being shipped to you.

Ingredients: Heirloom Rose*, Juniper Hyrdosol*, Neroli Blossom*, Cardamom Leaf*, Rosemary, Orange Peel*, Rose Absolute*, 100 Proof Sugar Cane Alchohol

* Wildcrafted, organic, small-farm, homegrown.

Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and test on skin before full use.

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